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After being away from the spotlight, actor Zac Efron returned through the front door and led by the Netflix giant. This June 10, his most ambitious project will be released: a documentary titled Down to Earth. It is a production that bets on sustainable travel as a new way of touring the world. But what caught the most attention are the tourist destinations that he will visit in this audiovisual work. According to what the international media reported, Efron will present the majestic landscapes of France, Puerto Rico, Peru, Iceland and London. The purpose? Demonstrate that there are more sustainable and friendly ways to get to know the planet. In the trailer, which is now available on YouTube and on digital platforms, the protagonist of High School Musical assured the following: “We are going to meet top eco innovations, to see how change is a work inward.” In addition, the American interpreter will be accompanied by Darin Olien, an expert gastronomy, with whom he will prepare several exquisite but at the same time healthy dishes; It is the approach that you want to give to your artistic career. On other occasions, the actor revealed to the media that he does not want to return to those movies where he must show a well-marked physique. According to his experience in Guardians of the Bay (2017), he had to work very hard to achieve a perfect body “which took him away from reality” and from his true professional goals. More from Zac Efron It was in 2018 that Zac Efron shared some impressive photographs of his vacation at the Alta Gracia hotel. And from there he had the idea to create a project that was linked to the environment. In addition, the Netflix platform presented a preview of the documentary Down to Earth, in which Zac was seen in a lush jungle while enjoying a relaxing massage. Immediately the social networks collapsed with comments from users talking about how good he looked at his 32 years and with a few extra pounds. It is worth noting that this audiovisual proposal is very similar to his previous works, such as the tape titled “17 otra vez” (2009). In turn, the documentary reflects his personality: for several years he has been anxiously looking at ecological activities, extreme sports and social causes. Each of his Instagram posts, for example, reveal that he’s been active in these types of engagements, so he decided to walk away from the film industry.