Yes, the strange one is me – The New Chronicle

I write on a strange day. A day that, in truth, I do not know if I perceive and feel like transition or desolation. A day on whose night the calendar takes off and June takes off and July lands. A day when, even its heat, even the fullness that nature offers, I do not feel the summer joy, but the most intense chills of the end of winter and the unusual spring lived mostly indoors, still run through me. A day when, after the morning walk, I see again the epidemic of amnesia or nonsense, of irresponsibility, with which some attack or almost attack us. As some of us wore the mask for pleasure, we kept the physical distance for enjoyment, as if we went out into the street cowering. What an abundance of ignorance that confuses recklessness with bravery, when what demands the most value is respect for the common, the careful care of social coexistence. Maybe that’s why yesterday Monday I felt identified with a vignette adapted from the great Charles M. Schulz in which the innocent character of Carlitos said: “But, Snoopy, there are many people who are intelligent”, and the wise dog Snoopy replied: “Sure yes, but many are asymptomatic ». Yes, I write on a strange day. A day that, in truth, I do not know if I perceive and feel like transition or desolation. A day that, although there is talk of the energy transition demanded by climate change, hurts like a day of desolation in which, once again, hundreds of jobs disappear sowing pessimism and helplessness in hundreds of families, towns and regions without, Until this sad day, neither public officials nor preachers of the apocalypse have proposed any work alternative to the daily life of those affected. Again, faced with the problems that affect men and their days and lives, it seems more opportune and valuable to look for and have a culprit than a solution. In other words, once again, the opportune (“what is done or happens on time and when it is convenient”) turns into opportunism (“an attitude that consists of making the most of the circumstances that are offered and getting the most benefit from them ») And the valuable shines not only for its absence but also for its rot, this yes, well masked. I write on a strange day, yes. Although perhaps the strangest is me who, when I say joy, do not imagine big parties but interior landscapes. Yes, without a doubt, the odd one is me.Health !, and let’s have a good week, have a good week. Take care, take care.