Xerez DFC striker “Any striker dreams of a promotion goal”

Miguel Ángel Junco ‘Mika’ (Santander, 03/18/1993) arrived at Xerez DFC from Marino de Luanco (Group I of 2nd B) in the middle of January with the aim of putting his bit, based on work and goals, so that the team disputed the phase of promotion to Second B. He has succeeded but never imagined that it was in such a rugged way. The coronavirus paralyzed competition and everything was up in the air. He made his debut in Lebrija against Antoniano on January 12 after a difficult week and after a long journey. He played 75 minutes and Uribe’s squad added three vital points thanks to a goal from Chico Díaz’s penalty point. He chained seven games in a row with minutes, scored two goals (Pozoblanco and San Roque de Lepe) but broke with Los Barrios in Chapín. He suffered an elongation in the femoral biceps of his right leg. It was his last minutes before confinement. He missed the next two games, the Utrera game and the derby against Xerez CD. He had a hard time at a sporting and personal level, since during the alert state he lost his dog Siara due to poisoning. Now, he sees the light at the end of the tunnel, he has returned in excellent shape and has surprised the technicians with his scoring ability, “although scoring goals in training and in matches is not the same, at least it helps you to recover sensations , gain confidence, and that is always important for a striker. ” He looks back and highlights: “When I arrived, I had to make my debut in Lebrija after doing a lot of kilometers and it was all a bit of a disaster. Little by little, I was recovering, when I was better finding myself, what happened to the ischium happened to me and when I was going to come back, everything stopped. Anyway, now the best comes and we really want to, there is little left and the best. ” The Xerez DFC accumulates several weeks of preparation and “the time has flown by, we are already in July and there are two and a half weeks left to play. I feel quite well and it has cost me a lot of work, during the confinement I have sacrificed myself a lot and now I have the reward, it was worth it. I had to train and that’s what I already did all of them, for a place in eleven. ” From their point of view, the tie against the City of Lucena will be “complicated. I did not face them in the first round but I have seen videos, the coach has already commented on things and I am clear that if he has been up all season Even as the first one, it’s for a reason. We played it all out in ninety minutes. ” “To score soon would be key and I think it is positive that only winning helps us” The key to that final places it in “scoring a goal soon but if we do not achieve it, we will have to work the game and strike at the right moment. A they benefit the tie and that is advantage but I think that it is positive to go out to win, so there is no confidence. ” With the aim tuned for the ‘play-off’, he dreams “of scoring the promotion goal, any striker or any player dreams of that, it would be impressive. Anyway, if a teammate achieves it, it also works for me, it doesn’t matter to me , the important thing is to go up. ” After the return to the competition, new rules have been included in the matches, such as the five changes and more breaks for hydration, Mika considers them “positive depending on how you look at it, that is what the game marks. Stopping to refresh ourselves is normal, the five changes are already the coach’s decision, he still needs to make them to change or to stop a bit because we are winning or not exhausting everything is happening in the First Division, namely ” The intention of the club was to play several friendlies for its set-up but it will not be possible due to the strict sanitary measures. In this sense, the azulino striker confesses that “it was important because we have not competed for many months and it is not the same to face your teammates as against another rival. Things have come this way and the only consolation that remains is that all the teams are equal” . The worst thing is “having to play without an audience is going to be very strange, and much more if we take into account how our hobby is, which always goes out so much at home or abroad, that does not benefit us at all. It would have been a After playing such a tie at home and with ours pressing. Anyway, you have to be realistic, as the country is with the outbreaks, it is unfeasible to play with a fondness for everyone’s safety. ” Mika fulfills contract this Tuesday, June 30. He had a clause that allowed him to renew if he scored “eight goals but I think it will not come to me, a lot of material. With the break we have stopped playing many games and I will not be able to reach that number. Anyway, as I have commented ante, what we all want is to ascend “.