Which airlines are making flights to Europe from Mexico

The list of “safe” countries whose citizens can travel for non-essential reasons to the nations of the European Union was released on Monday. And, although Mexico is not included in that list, it should be remembered that in certain cases it is possible to travel to Europe and that several airlines are flying there from our country. First, let’s clarify that only non-essential trips are suspended. Only people who are in one of the following situations can travel to Europe: -Citizens or residents of the European Union and their families -Health professionals or researchers. -Temporary workers for agriculture. -Transportation workers.-Diplomats, workers in international organizations, the military and humanitarian aid.-Passengers in transit.-Travelers for family emergencies.-People seeking international protection. -People traveling to study in Europe -Highly qualified employees whose work is considered necessary from an economic perspective. It is two weeks before the list of countries whose citizens can travel to Europe for any reason is updated. Photo: Unsplash. Daniel Corneschi Also read: Mexicans cannot travel to Europe until further notice. Now yes, we list here the airlines that are flying to the Old Continent. We only consider routes from Mexico City. Aeroméxico-Amsterdam. Three weekly flights starting on July 1. -Paris. Three flights a week from July 1. -Barcelona. In July, there will only be two flights: July 1 and 3. Until August 1, their services will be regularized. KLM -Amsterdam. On its website it has direct and connecting flights available from Mexico City. During June, the frequency was five flights a week. It has flights with connections to destinations such as Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Madrid, Copenhagen, Rome, Geneva and Zurich. Lufthansa -Frankfurt. It has direct and connecting flights available from Mexico City. It offers flights with stops to destinations such as Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg, Vienna, Salzburg and Brussels. Also read: 10 things that will be different the next time you get on a plane Photo: Unsplash. Jace Afsoon Read also: Tips for finding cheap airline tickets at 2020 Air France -Paris. It has direct and connecting flights from Mexico City. It has connecting flights to destinations such as Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona and Bergen. Alitalia Offers flights with stopovers and in collaboration with other airlines to destinations such as Rome and Milan. Iberia Madrid. It operates direct flights from CDMX. There are also trips with connections to places like Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Valencia and Ibiza. United offers stopover flights to destinations such as Brussels, Dublin, Paris and London. American Airlines operates stopover flights to places like Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt and London. Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Facebook SMGH