US imposes sanctions on Cuban bank operating in London | DW | 07/31/2020

The United States government included in its list of entities sanctioned by the Treasury Department Havin Bank, a Cuban state bank that operates in London, in its efforts to cut funding to the Government of Havana. The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) included in its list of sanctioned entities the so-called Havana International Bank, which says it specializes in providing wholesale banking services for the Cuban market. Any foreign company that uses the United States’ financial system could also violate Treasury Department sanctions if it does business with that bank. The Administration of US President Donald Trump has imposed sanctions on the Cuban Government in order to limit the flow of funds that “disproportionately benefit the Cuban Army, intelligence and security services at the expense of the Cuban people. “as its officials have acknowledged. Havin Bank Ltd. was established in London under the name of Havana International Bank Ltd. (HIB) on October 3, 1972 as a private limited company that carries out activities previously carried out by the Bank of England to the Cuban Government, as explained in their website. Among its activities it mentions attracting, receiving and maintaining demand funds or term deposits, granting financing, carrying out operations with negotiable commercial paper and “all forms of international banking activity”. JU (efe, afp) Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster and produces independent journalism in 30 languages. Follow us on Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Spectacular scenes from Havana Havana, before the storm 2019 Havana (here from the Capitol dome, before a storm and through a protective construction mesh) celebrates 500 years of its foundation. Sven Creutzmann and Bert Hoffmann, a German photographer and political scientist who have accompanied the city and its people for three decades, give him an impressive illustrated album: “Havanna. Im Herzen Kubas ”(Havana. In the heart of Cuba). Spectacular scenes from Havana Fidel’s Havana The album dedicates a chapter to the relationship of Havanans with Fidel Castro, the man who, “for better or for worse”, marked the country and the lives of its people “like no other” . Here: with an olive-green military cap, surrounded by bodyguards, but in “a confused situation that other heads of state would have avoided”, during “the Maleconazo”, the revolt of August 5, 1994. Spectacular scenes from Havana Lazarito Castro ” I don’t know what that boy on the left of the photo is doing today. But I still know his name: Lazarito Castro, “says writer Leonardo Padura, a Havana voice in the book. Lazarito was not Fidel’s family, but he became a kind of symbolic “advisor” for him. In the 2002 photo, Fidel loses one of 11,000 simultaneous chess games in the Plaza de la Revolución, accompanied by Lazarito. Spectacular scenes from Havana “Time travel, on wheels” In July 2006, another Cuban listens to a speech by Fidel Castro in his living room, where he also parks his Chevrolet. Omnipresent in the city, Havana residents call them “almendrones”. Hoffmann takes on the challenge of obviating the usual cliche that they represent, also describing the Soviet ‘oldtimer’, Lada and Moskvich: “the juggling of making them walk 30 years in the tropics is the same”. Spectacular scenes from Havana El Fidel de La Habana Just published by the Frederking & Thaler publishing house, in a spectacular format, with 320 pages and around 250 photos, the volume shows how Havana residents have related to Fidel and the representation of his figure in the last decades. This man awaits the start of a demonstration, with a painting removed from a wall as a banner. It is August 2006 and Fidel has left power. Spectacular scenes from Havana Inner courtyards of Havana: dominoes In common areas, old colonial inner courtyards, parks, sidewalks and sometimes, even on one side of the street, habaneros, Cubans, play dominoes, chess, share life in community. In the background, not infrequently, Havana’s architecture crumbles. Spectacular scenes from Havana Arts and bodies “Havana is a city of stages,” writes Hoffmann. The largest and best known is the long wall and promenade known as Malecon. “But more than anything, Havana is a city of countless small settings … for the representation of everyday life.” Maikel and Idelbis prepare to be dancers of Tropicana, a famous outdoor cabaret show for tourists. Spectacular scenes from Havana Valentín and Clara This Havana couple dances in the living room of their house, on Christmas Eve 1992, next to their Christmas tree, in view of Ché Guevara. Spectacular scenes from Havana Opera at home Sven Creutzman recalls that, for a report on life on the roofs of Havana, he discovered this wooden house with the team he worked with, from another roof. After days trying to take a good photo, Edwin, a stylist and opera singer appeared and began to rehearse: Mozart !, with the Capitol in the background. Spectacular scenes from Havana Technology and health High technology, at the Cuban Institute of Ophthalmology, Ramón Pando Ferrer, known to Havana as “La Ceguera”, patients from all over Latin America underwent surgery during the so-called “Operation Miracle”. Spectacular scenes from Havana Antillana de Acero Steel production in the largest steel plant in Cuba, the Antillana de Acero, in 2011, in El Cotorro, a peripheral neighborhood of Havana that tourists do not see. Even further from the center than the Vigía estate, where Hemingway once lived, in neighboring San Francisco de Paula. Spectacular scenes from Havana “Camello” from Havana The metrobús, better known to Havana as “camel”, urban transport with full-length contact in Havana in 2005. “Innovation” emerged during the crisis of the 1990s: two Buses of the vanished Soviet era, linked together on a trailer and truck wheels, seating 200, and a low section in the center to allow passenger access. Spectacular scenes of Havana Fifteen years After 60 years of socialism, the “party of fifteen”, that expensive presentation and dance of young ladies in society, of such bourgeois origin, continues to be a tradition on the island. Sven Creutzman’s lens observes behind the scenes, those who behind the scenes watch the Cuban princesses, wrapped in pink tulle, in a Havana patio. Spectacular scenes from Havana Freehand elections This is how voting is done in Havana and throughout Cuba, by the base candidates. In this Havana neighborhood, the electoral process for the parliamentary elections begins in 2017. Spectacular scenes from Havana Opponent besieged Despite the “new times” and the reforms introduced by Raúl Castro, after inheriting the power of his brother Fidel, the dissent it is still illegal in Cuba. In the photo: dissident journalist Reinaldo Escobar (white dotted shirt), besieged by plainclothes security agents and pro-government militants, to prevent him from public protesting in a street in Havana in November 2009. Spectacular scenes from Havana Pioneers, “although it hurts” Pioneer children shout political slogans to demand the return of Elián González to Cuba with his father, after surviving the shipwreck of a raft of emigrants in 1999, in which his mother died. This demonstration of some 150,000 students next to the Malecon, the wall that separates the sea from Havana, passed in front of the United States Interests Section in Havana, today the embassy. Spectacular scenes from Havana Ernesto Ernesto, seven years old, closes this book, a portrait and tribute to Havana and the people of Havana. On the back, it rests on the defense of an “almendrón” in Old Havana. Spectacular scenes from Havana Two Germans in Havana Sven Creutzmann arrived in Havana for the first time in 1988 and is today the only permanently accredited German photographer on the island. The political scientist Bert Hoffmann, who has not stopped investigating the city and the country since 1990, today heads the Berlin bureau of the German Institute for Global and Regional Studies (GIGA). Author: Rosa Muñoz Lima