Two London police officers suspended for posting ‘selfies’ with two murdered

Two Metropolitan Police officers have been suspended from their posts while their conduct is investigated in the discovery of the bodies of two sisters, Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry, at Fryent Gardens, Wembley, North London, a couple of weeks. The agents have been accused of taking photos of the murdered women and posting them on social networks, and of spreading photographic material that was not intended to be published. Nicole Smallman, 27, and her sister Bibaa Henry, 46, celebrated the birthday of the latter with a party of friends at the aforementioned park with a party and did not return home on Saturday, June 6. Her mother, Guillermina or Mina, the first woman from an ethnic minority who became a deacon of the Anglican Church, denounced the disappearance of her daughters the next morning and their bodies were found at noon on Sunday 7 in the park near her home. . According to the Police, the sisters were savagely stabbed “by a stranger”, according to the first investigations. At one in the morning they made the last communication with friends at the party. Mina Smallman, mother of the victims, has told the BBC that the alleged photographs of two police officers with the bodies of their daughters in the open face “dehumanizes them.” Mina, of Caribbean origin, was informed of the existence of the photos by the same Police and the independent body investigating the publication of the images. “The behavior of these two agents has put our grief and pain elsewhere,” said the deaconess, placing the murder of her daughters in the anti-racist context that exists in the UK today. “This is an example of the toxicity to which the environment has derived; these police officers felt safe, untouchable, they could take photos of women, black and dead and send them around,” Mina explained to the BBC in an interview in the that shows his indignation and disbelief at what happened. “The disappearance of Nicole and Bibaa has devastated the family and all of us who loved them; our family will never be the same,” said the family in a statement following the discovery of the sisters’ lifeless bodies; side by side, bleeding to death with knives. The chief police station of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, is as indignant as the mother of the victims for the behavior of her two officers. The head of the Met has been “shocked” by what she considers “disgusting” behavior. Always speaking with the conditional if, the commissioner has said “if it has happened as it seems, it is horrible and disgusting, and all the Met condemns what happened.” Police have confirmed that two officers have been suspended from duty and that there is an open investigation into the photographic material taken in the discovery of the two sisters killed in the park in the Wembley neighborhood. Police released a photo of the two sisters in the dark dancing in reflective lights during the park’s birthday party. The photo came from the mobile of one of them, found in a lake near the place where they were killed. “A lake and a huge pile of trash are part of this huge investigation that is ongoing to clarify the murder,” said Cressida Dick. “If the actions of these two police officers have increased the unimaginable pain of the family, I apologize from the bottom of my heart,” added the commissioner. The investigation into possible selfies is now on the table or the computers of the Independent Office for Police Conduct, a body, theoretically, independent and outside the Police, which will investigate the case of the two agents, the photos taken of the murdered and the dissemination of them made by the two suspended.