This will be the last flights of Qantas Boeing 747s

These weeks the big airlines are organizing farewell flights for their most emblematic planes. Air France already did it a few days ago with the final tour of its A380s, and now it is the turn of Qantas, which scheduled three special trips to say goodbye to the B747. The flights will take place on July 13 from Sydney, on 15 from Brisbane and on 17 from Canberra. Due to a outbreak of coronavirus in the state of Victoria, the city of Melbourne was left out of the program. The last of the great All these flights will be made on the same plane, under the code QF747. It is the last four-engine aircraft that Qantas was operating. The company planned to stop flying its six B747s by year-end, but the rapid expansion of the coronavirus accelerated plans and they decided to abruptly cut operations.

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CEO Alan Joyce had announced the end of B747 flights quickly, one more fact among the adjustment measures that involves the dismissal of 6,000 employees. The last three flights of Qantas B747 will be made next week in Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane. But with this announcement of commemorative flights, the Queen of Heaven has a fairer tribute, which in addition to the one-hour trip for each of these cities will be extended with a special act after landing. Symbolism even in the fare Tickets are sold at the symbolic price of 747 Australian dollars for the business class and 400 for the economic class (461 euros and 243 euros, respectively). Precisely the 747-400 will be the plane that will star in this farewell act. The first class is not for sale, it is reserved for the Qantas pilots, crew and managers who have been essential in the life of the Jumbo in the company. The sale is only intended to cover the expenses of the flight, and the profits that can be obtained will be donated to the HARS aviation museum, one hour south of Sydney. After this farewell tour on July 22, this aircraft will head to California, where it will meet the other Jumbos of the airline that rest in the desert waiting for them to be bought by another airline or scrapped without penalty or glory. Jumbo milestones in Qantas The first flight of the B747 in history was on September 30, 1968 under the Pan Am company, and two years later, in 1971, it debuted in Qantas. Under his service, this giant starred in several milestones. For example, when starting to fly on the Australian airline, the Captain Cook lounge was the largest in the world, a space with strong colors and a retro-psychedelic aesthetic located at the front of the lower deck. A B747 made the first nonstop flight between London and Sydney, but it was a journey without passengers and with special fuel. With the B747 Qantas in 2011 presented the longest route on the planet, between Sydney and Dallas, until it was displaced by Singapore Airlines. The plane of records In 1989 a jumbo jet broke a nonstop flight record after traveling from London to Sydney, but the event had some tricks: there were no passengers on board and it was experimented with special fuel.

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But it was the first direct trip between the United Kingdom and Australia until the Perth-London route was launched in 2018. And the idea is to repeat it routinely with the Dawn Project. The B747s flew to South Africa bordering Antarctica and also landed on the white continent, with charter flights rented by the Antartica Flights company. Surely all those feats will be discussed in the celebrations after each commemorative flight. And then they will be stored in the memory of their protagonists.