The worst in Europe

The publication of the data of the Spanish GDP for the second quarter, with a fall of 18.5%, exceeds almost all the forecasts that had been made by different official organizations, reveals the Spanish government and reflects the magnitude of the tragedy of the Spanish economy. Coronavirus has logically affected all countries, but it has not done so in the same way. The Spanish data are by far the worst in Europe and are also at the head of the decline of the western economies: almost 4.5 points more than Portugal, 5 more than France and 6 more than Italy; slightly less than double that of Germany or France. These are data of the collapse of the Spanish economy and of the entry technically into recession as it was negative for two quarters and had escalated to a decline so far in 2020 of 22.1%. The data known this Friday is also bad if we cross them with the measures applied in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic: the hardest confinement with the worst economic and health results. And the worst thing is that this is not over since the way in which international tourism, for example, has been managed, with permanent alarmist messages, is not a good prelude to what will happen in the third quarter when the fall in tourism will converge. and of exports. It is estimated that only one out of every four foreign tourists that a month ago had booked a plane, hotel or apartment ticket in Catalonia will end up carrying out the trip during the last week of July and this first fortnight of August. They are not data to remain calm and less with all the uncertainties, in this case sanitary, that are on the table. It will be necessary to be right with the economic measures that are adopted, since not everything can be based on an uncontrolled increase in taxes that the only thing that will do is take the money out of the consumer circuit to end up in the coffers of a manirotic and extraordinarily bureaucratic state. It will take consensus not so much to govern as to demand the Spanish government. Because the surprising thing is that the Basque Government’s lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, makes it a condition to attend the presidents’ meeting that Sánchez would go before the cashier and pay him the debt of 2,000 million that he had and everyone applauds him while the debt to Catalonia can never be talked about because everyone is excited. Starting with the Catalan unionist parties, capable of stoically supporting the Spanish attitude even if this means less wealth or more poverty for Catalan society. Did you find this article interesting? To continue guaranteeing committed, courageous and rigorous information, we need your support. Our independence also depends on you. Subscribe to