The Government refers to the Cortes the agreement with London on participation in elections

MADRID, 30 (SERVIMEDIA) The Council of Ministers forwarded this Tuesday to the Cortes Generales the agreement between Spain and the United Kingdom on the participation in certain elections of nationals of each country residing in the territory of the other and authorized the expression of Spain’s consent to be bound by such agreement. Article 20.2 b) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (EU) establishes that citizens of the Union have the right to active and passive suffrage in the elections to the European Parliament and in the municipal elections of the State in which they reside, in the same conditions as the nationals of said place. The convening of municipal elections in May 2019 in Spain and the United Kingdom raised the issue of reciprocal active and passive suffrage in these elections after Brexit. In this way, this agreement will prevent these rights from being effective for both British residents in Spain and for Spanish residents in the United Kingdom. The negotiations of the agreement formally began on October 24, 2018 and ended on December 18, 2018, when the text was closed. During the negotiation process, representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, the Electoral Census Office and the services of the Presidency of the Government participated. Members of the General Directorate for Integration and Coordination of General Affairs of the European Union, the General Directorate for Spaniards Abroad and Consular Affairs and the Gibraltar Affairs Office participated in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The main objective of the agreement is to guarantee the rights of active and passive suffrage for nationals of both the United Kingdom and Spain, after the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. The Council of Ministers of January 18, 2019 authorized the signing and provisional application of the Agreement, being signed in Madrid, on January 21, 2019, by the then Secretary of State for the European Union, Marco Aguiriano, and by the Undersecretary of Parliamentary State for Exit from the EU, Robin Caspar Walker. The agreement, which consists of nine recitals and nine articles, has been provisionally applied since 31 January 2020, the date on which the United Kingdom left the European Union.