Summer in Puerto de Sagunto

The other day my friend Marta came to visit me, I had to go pick her up at the Sagunto station because the Cercanías still does not reach the port. It had been a long time since I had seen her and she wanted to, she told me that her company had closed during the State of Alarm but that thanks to ERTE she had received almost full salary. I had never been to my town and I was very excited that you came to visit me, although this summer will be different, the pleasure of meeting old friends is always comforting. “Do you like my house?” I said. “Yes, it is very beautiful, although the neighborhood is a bit … strange.” “Strange?” I stayed for a few seconds thinking about what he had meant by strange, but I preferred to ask him directly: “What do you mean?” Marta wanted to tell me with a certain delicacy that my neighborhood is degraded, but I know that perfectly well, and it’s not that my neighborhood is degraded, it’s that my town is degraded. The lack of maintenance and cleaning of the streets is very evident and we have become accustomed to living in this environment, but for those who come from abroad it is very striking, it is not the first time that they have told me something like this. “Well, then we’ll go visit some more beautiful area, I thought.” In the afternoon we went to the beach and that my friend really liked because, really, we have one of the best on the Valencian coast, with a lot of space and clear water. Then we went to have an artisan ice cream that he loved and we went for a walk. “Wow, I see that this is also neglected,” he said. I thought that my friend was very critical, too much, I had invited her to my town and she was only complaining, but then we arrived at the Place de la Concorde and I couldn’t help but agree. A walk that falls apart, an empty square that looks like a lot and where it is impossible to be in the July sun. Our beach with fine sand, live dunes and clean water does not deserve this environment. At night we were talking about the industrial past of the town and she was very interested in all of its history, so I offered to take a walk the next day around the industrial complex. We saw Management … Half abandoned. We passed by the Commissary … Abandoned. We went to the Industrial Museum … Closed. We pass by the Nau … Closed. I had to give many explanations about why we have one of the industrial estates of the Community and at the same time you can not enjoy practically anything, a chain of errors and unfulfilled promises that we suffer neighbors of the municipality and visitors. We had to settle for seeing the Blast Furnace, something is something. Again, I thought again that my people deserve more. Of all the historical and cultural heritage that we have, we had to settle for seeing a tiny part. What happened to me with my friend Marta surely sounds to you, the experience of teaching our people that produces a strange mixture of pride and shame. Pride because we know that we have a town settled in a privileged environment, near the sea and the mountains, with Marjal dels Moros next to it and the capital a few kilometers away, a town with history, cosmopolitan, with all kinds of services and inhabited by kind and open people. Shame because it does not look as it should, because it is still very, very far from developing its full potential, because each visit that comes blushes me for the state in which everything is. Summer is coming, a period of rest and reflection, in September we will see if the promises are fulfilled, it is hard to believe in it after so many disappointments. I hope that the summer of 2021 will be much better in all aspects. Meanwhile, for this I wish you a happy rest, very surely enjoy as much as you can. If you have been interested in this information, you can join our Telegram channel and receive all the news we publish for Camp de Morvedre. Follow us at