Strange silence in CDMX Marathon

While the influx of runners in the parks and forests is still low, and many of us still hope to feel more secure before going for a run, in Mexico City, which began its return to activity yesterday at a dubious orange traffic light that is still seen Quite reddened, the government of Claudia Sheinbaum keeps a strange silence about what will be the destiny of the CDMX Marathon, which is officially still scheduled to run on August 30 of this year, although there will clearly be no conditions for it. Neither the Head of Government nor the director of the Sports Institute, Rodrigo Dosal, have ruled on a postponement or cancellation of the most important runners event in the country’s capital, as they have already done in most of the city’s most marathons. important in the world; the most recent are those in New York and Berlin, which were officially canceled last week. The one in New York, in a joint decision made between the NY mayor’s office and the New York Road and Runners organization, who considered that the world’s largest race raised “too many health concerns for runners, volunteers, spectators and others.” If New York, for example, which was scheduled to take place on November 1, has already been officially canceled, why not the CDMX Marathon, which is missing nine weeks before August 30? It is difficult to understand why the silence of the capital authorities and why the delay to make a decision that not only seems inevitable, but also cannot be postponed, especially from the official projections of the Ministry of Health and Undersecretary López-Gatell, which indicate that, in the most optimistic scenario, and assuming that people and companies and businesses follow sanitary measures, the coronavirus pandemic will decline until October of this year in the country and of course in Mexico City, which continues to be the national epicenter of this disease. If the training time that a runner in very good conditions needs to run a marathon is a minimum of 18 weeks, why do the organizers keep their participants in anticipation and do not define with that time in advance whether the event will take place or not. ? The expectation is that, out of respect and safety for runners, a marathon under these conditions should be canceled or postponed. Of the greats, Chicago, scheduled for October 11, and London, which will announce its decision on July 28, are still to be defined. If the organizers finally decide that a race is done for the amateurs, the thousands of runners will have to resolve issues such as resuming training, flights, accommodations, in conditions in which many of those things have changed or been canceled. Meanwhile here, nine weeks from the date for the CDMX Marathon, we continue in a strange silence. BY ROSSANA AYALA [email protected] @ AYALAROSS1 eadp Don’t miss the exclusive podcast of COVID-19