Planes, UFOs? What was the strange sound heard in Manizales?

A loud, shocking sound that lasted for about 10 minutes surprised Manizales on Thursday night. Videos circulated on social networks that recorded the sound of which its origin could not be verified. (We recommend: The girl with a rare disease who seeks help for her treatment) even from aliens. Skeptics claimed that it was air force planes, others speculated that it was the sky-motorcycle phenomenon, which has been registered in various parts of the world for a couple of months. It may interest you: Governor (e) de Antioquia was hospitalized by covid-19 In this regard, EL TIEMPO consulted the university professor expert in astronomy and with a postgraduate degree in geophysics, Gonzalo Duque Escobar, about what happened and assured that the unusual sound would be related to the phenomenon known as “sky-bikes “, which are disturbances that occur in the sky as a result of air compression.” Manizaleños heard a sustained but non-explosive noise in the sky and it lasted for several minutes. There is a phenomenon called “sky bikes” and they occur when two air masses of different temperatures are found and the confrontation of these two bodies generate a shock wave that causes roars to occur with different frequencies, “he explained. It may interest: ex-husband of a teacher found dead in Barrancabermeja) It is not the first time that this type of sound has been heard, since some people had reported that they heard it at dawn the previous week. “These phenomena generally last several minutes and can occur at sunrise or sunset, which are the most favorable times for the conditions for two air masses to meet,” said Duque. He added that “this phenomenon, where a stream of hot or cold air collides, is very rare, a person can hear it once in a lifetime or never. It also varies in intensity, sometimes it occurs at imperceptible levels. It is a family of tornadoes and hailstorms, but it is not harmful like these “The curious sound was perceived by people also in municipalities such as Chinchiná, Palestina and Villamaría (Caldas), in addition to Pereira (Risaralda) simultaneously. It should be noted that not only in Manizales have they been presented these kinds of sounds. They have already been reported in other areas of Colombia, including in other Latin American countries. (Read also: The push for land where they will build a Shakira school in Cartagena) Ladies and gentlemen, this is an announcement for the Manizalitas: The Apocalypse has arrived! This is how our heaven sounds 😱😱😱💀👿👻👻— Santiago Rendon T (@SrendonT) July 30, 2020 At the moment the Air Force has not indicated if it was carrying out any instructional or monitoring maneuver in the zone. (Also: Baby abducted to give to woman who faked pregnancy in Buenaventura) MANIZALES