Passengers on flights to the United Kingdom, resigned to the quarantine

Passengers departing from Madrid on flights to London this Sunday have complained about a lack of official information on the restrictions on travelers imposed by the United Kingdom, but have been resigned to the quarantine that they must keep on arrival. some of the first passengers affected by the obligation to remain in quarantine for 14 days, which has come into force today and which equally oblige British tourists who have spent their holidays in Spain and Spaniards residing in London and will have to adapt their work activity to Mandatory confinement: Sofia, a young Spanish woman who had planned a week-long vacation in London with her boyfriend – who has her family there – and then moved to Mallorca, tells EFE-TV from the check-in hall at Barajas airport how both have had to modify their plans due to the new restrictions. It was only yesterday that they found out about a measure they will comply with at home A family member of her boyfriend who, she admits, has encouraged them to “cancel enough plans that we were going to do” and change their idea of ​​traveling to Mallorca in a week, something that will have to wait at least until they are over 14 days of quarantine. They both found out what awaited them because their partner’s father saw it in the news in the British press and immediately warned them; For now, they have had to fill out an “online” form with their personal data. José González, who runs an ice distribution business in London, describes what happened as “putada”, because he came to Madrid on Friday to spend the weekend week and he would not have done it if he had known that he could be forced to confine himself on his return. “A friend called me and I thought he was kidding,” he says, commenting on how he found out that he will have to be confined on his return. that he will be able to work from home, where he lives alone, although due to the characteristics of his work it would be much better if he did it from his company office. In any case, he points out: “We will see when we arrive, maybe it is not as much as it seems.” Also living in London is Mónica Fernández, another passenger heading to the British capital resigned to confinement since, she comments before boarding, “at there are cases here and, obviously as a precaution, we will have to quarantine. “She has also filled out the questionnaire, but her problem is that her boss still does not know that she will have to stay 14 days at home because the measure was approved last night and she has not had Time to warn you, so hope that you can telework starting Monday morning. Brits returning to the UK will not be spared quarantine either, but they are sympathetic to their government’s decision. A tourist returning after several days of vacation She explains that although it is an “inconvenience” she understands it because “it is the right thing to do” and “it is not something they can choose. She does not live in London and hopes that she can move from the capital to her place of residence cia because, she points out, “they are not going to do a center in London” to welcome all those who quarantine. She feels lucky because she can work from home, and says that she did not receive official information about the new restriction, but instead learned it from through the media. Something that also happened to another compatriot who found out through messages from friends; He especially regrets that he was not able to return to his country earlier to avoid quarantine. He also works from home, so he will not have a major work problem due to confinement, but says that he “is very sorry” for those who cannot telework. The website of the BBC was the means by which another British tourist found out that she returns to her country today after a short vacation and that she has already assumed that upon arrival they will do “what we have to do”. from the British Government and you already know that you will have to communicate your phone and address, not go out in 14 days and buy food at home.