Nuevo Chapín calls for more security against noise at night

The mayor, Mamen Sánchez, together with the deputy mayor for Urban Planning, Infrastructure and the Environment, José Antonio Díaz, today supervised the improvement actions carried out on the streets of Nuevo Chapín, an area located next to Avenida Lola Flores, together with the president of the recently created Neighborhood Association ‘Chapín Norte’. In the course of the visit, the councilor and the mayor have also attended the proposals for improvement of the public road at the request of its neighborhood representative, José Antonio Asencio, in order to study them to undertake them in future actions. José Antonio Díaz recalled “the investment of the Government of Mamen Sánchez in the past municipal mandate of almost 120,000 euros invested in accessibility, the dog recreation area in the Niagara Park and the improvements to the children’s playground in the continued rubber floor. It is necessary to continue acting in the improvement of the public space of Nuevo Chapín, which is an area with a high population density ”. Likewise, Díaz has advanced that “we are going to act in the sources of the Niágara park and the Iguazú park at the request of the neighbors because they have no use and adapt them to a better aesthetic with other uses.” The local government appreciates the “constructive contributions of the neighborhood association for its responsibility and for transferring the improvements that we must make from the consensus with the neighbors.” The visit has started on Amsterdam street, next to the ‘Go Fitness’ gym and in which the City Council, through Infrastructures, has acted to level the sidewalks that were affected by the roots of the trees. The neighborhood representative has proposed to the local government security reinforcement to minimize the effects of noise at night, as well as thanked the work done on the repaired sidewalks. In the same way, he indicated that there are other outskirts, that they have visited and that require such action in the tree pits since there are sunken sections and others also raised by the roots of the trees such as Calle Amberes and Francisco de la Riba. For road safety purposes, the proposal to improve the intersection of Camarón street with Amsterdam street to prevent accidents will be studied. The neighborhood president, José Antonio Asencio, thanked “the visit and the interest of the mayor and her government team. We cover a lot of population, many urbanizations and the meeting was very pleasant. We are here to work for our neighbors and to improve our environment together with the Town Hall ”. Ultimately they have visited the Iguazú Park and the Niágara Park, where they will undertake work to prune palm trees in addition to those already carried out in recent weeks. As for the fountains, in a precarious state, planters will be created in their structure to improve aesthetics and it will be studied to give this space another use in the future. Likewise, the City Council will clear the plots that the neighborhood representatives have demanded in the coming weeks.