No, this video is not of a demonstration in France ‘against the new normality’: they are protests in Paris that demand better working conditions for toilets –

Circulate a content on Facebook with a video in which you can see police and protesters clash in the streets. According to the publication of the social network, shared on July 19, this is a demonstration in France “against the ‘New Normal'” after the coronavirus. It is a hoax. They are protests that took place in Paris on July 14 to demand improvements in the working conditions of health workers. Lies muddle public debate and can be dangerous to health. Verified information about COVID-19 makes a difference. Verification is under attack. If our work is useful to you and you think it is more necessary than ever, click here to become an Ambassador and help us fight the hoaxes of the pandemic. This video is shared with the phrase “France rebels against the ‘New Normal’ NOM”. The video itself was recorded in France, specifically on the Boulevard Beaumarchais in Paris, very close to the Place de la Place de la Bastille in Paris. If you look at the video, you can see people wearing a mask, which gives us an idea that it was possible to record during the coronavirus pandemic. Through a search for keywords in French, we have found a video from the television channel RT France. A broadcast lasting more than four hours and entitled “Manifestation anti-gouvernementale à Paris pour le 14 Juillet”, “anti-government demonstration in Paris on July 14”, in its Spanish translation. In the description of the video you can read that “toilets, yellow vests and unions take to the streets of the French capital, especially to express the demands of health workers.” The newspaper Le Monde published on July 10 that the health personnel called a new demonstration on the 14th. Protests that Le Monde also reported on the same day that they occurred, not only in Paris but also in other French cities and that they were made to coincide with the National day of France in which the anniversary of the taking of the Bastille is commemorated. The national nurses union also announced on its website the call for July 14. The RT France images take a tour with the protesters between Boulevard Beaumarchais and Place de la Bastille. At one point in the video, you can see a person who also appears in the one being shared on Facebook. As we can see in the image, it is a person with press accreditation wearing a white helmet, a blue backpack, a mask and the camera around his neck. On the left, a screenshot of the video that is shared on networks and on the right, a screenshot of the video from RT France We have also carried out a search in French and have found no references in the media to the protests of July 14 that were against the “new normal”. In addition, the verifiers of AFP Factual have denied that the protests have taken place for that reason, because through a search in their photographic archive they have found an image of the photographer Zakaria Abdelkafi of the protests of July 14 that coincides with a capture of the video being shared on Facebook. The caption, according to AFP Factual, indicates that it was done in a protest in Paris by health workers who claim “better conditions”. The photograph can be seen here. Therefore, it is not a demonstration against the “new normal” but protests that demand improvements in working conditions in the health sector. First publication date of this article: 07/31/2020 We are telling you all the hoaxes that you are asking us about COVID-19 in this compilation. In addition, we have a special on this subject where you can also consult prevention tips and questions and answers about the outbreak of the new coronavirus.