Mexican Adair Prieto sets course for the 2024 Olympics

Carlos Cruz Mexico City / 29.06.2020 20:14:14 The cyclist Adair Prieto had in 2019 his best performance as a youth, after winning the Pan American championship in Aguascalientes, the World Cup in Germany, and came to occupy the third world ranking site, and in this year it went to the under-23 category, where it hopes to continue reaping more wins. things are already more serious, they are already stronger cyclists, who have a very long process, and if it is time to start to change, to increase the power zone, it is already a little more difficult because it is a step below the elite, then many things if they have to be polished for the category “, declared Prieto. The Mountain Bike rider aims to participate in the following official competitions of the Olympic cycle: the Central American Games in Panama 2022, the Pan American Games in Santiago de Ch ile 2023, and the Olympic Games in Paris 2024. “There is a way to get the points, and the qualification stage for the Olympics always opens two years, so as a national team and under-23, I can already participate in the process by the Olympic joust, and all the points I make go to the ranking, then it would be until 2022 when the classification stage opens, and by that time I will be at my highest level to go in search of places, “said the cyclist For this year, Adair is still planning to attend the World Cups and World Championships, hoping that they will not be canceled. “There are several races for the month of August, this is the national championship, and where we are to see if it will compete or no. In addition, the World Cup in September, with four World Cups missing, one in Switzerland, one in France, and two in the Czech Republic, and closes with the World Cup in Austria. Until now they are still standing, several were canceled a few months ago, “he said. Adair trains in the same place as the rider Gerardo Ulloa, in the high-performance center located in Valle de Bravo.” Right now we are like one of the final stages of the process, we have already finished the entire volume process, and right now we are focusing on the anaerobic zone and the speed, and we are starting to get a little more rhythm at the high intensities, and I am still motivated because the races are coming closer, “said SFRM