Luca Marini, MotoGP in 2021 ?: “I don’t want to say anything, but you never know” | MOTOSAN

PHOTO: MotoGP ´´Everyone who loves racing belongs to a special race. This is what we have in common, riders and amateurs´´ RM2 Editor of – Life is RacingLuca Marini has spoken about the 2020 season and its future, which seems linked to MotoGP. In addition, he has given his opinion on the passage of Valentino Rossi to the Petronas Yamaha SRT sharing a box with Franco Mordibelli. Luca Marini has been one of the proper names of Moto2 during the last seasons. Valentino Rossi’s brother has spoken in recent days about his future, which points to MotoGP. However, that future involves making a good season in this strange 2020. The Italian has admitted that he does not like the calendar too much. Still, he will try to achieve good results, which will earn him the ticket to the queen category. In addition, Marini has also given his opinion on the signing of his brother for the Petronas Yamaha SRT, where he will share a box with Franco Morbidelli.After several seasons in Moto2 achieving good results, the brother of Valentino Rossi is already considering the jump to MotoGP. In fact, many believed that in 2021 they would see Marini in the queen category. However, the current situation has slowed down these plans. “For everyone who thought they had a chance to have a great season and then go to MotoGP, it all moves a year. If I stay in Moto2, I see it as an opportunity to win more races and improve statistics, “said the rider in an interview in the GPOne media. Does that mean that we will have to wait until 2022 to see the Italian rider in the maximum category? «It is all so strange that there may be other surprises from here to Valencia. I don’t want to say anything, but you never know. The teams that have not yet decided will wait for the first races, we will see what will happen “, said Marini. Who is also giving something to talk about in recent weeks is his brother, Valentino Rossi. With the signing of Quartararo, ‘Il Dottore’ was left without a place in the official Yamaha team. Now, everything seems to indicate that he will be a pilot for the satellite team with Franco Morbidelli. Regarding this possible combination, Marini assured that in MotoGP “the relationship with your teammate is different from that of the lower categories”. In this sense, he considers that whoever is the teammate in the queen category is “relative” and that what is really important is that there be a “good relationship, coexistence is easier”. But the truth is that Luca Marini would not mind racing alongside his brother in MotoGP, just as Marc and Álex Márquez have done. «I don’t see any particular pressure, you must have a teammate, be it Valentino Rossi or another driver, very strong. I don’t see it as a problem, «said the pilot in this regard. And with regard to Álex Márquez, he assured that «it would have been nice to see Álex another season in the official Honda team». And thinking about his future in MotoGP, the Italian says he feels “emotionally tied” to Yamaha. Although he recognizes that the rest of the factories are also very strong and that the important thing is to have a good team. “The level now in MotoGP is incredible, all the bikes are getting stronger. Aprilia seems to have made a great bike. KTM has Dani Pedrosa as a test driver so they will do a great job. Suzuki, Honda and Ducati are scary. Now, wherever I go, I need a team where I can feel comfortable, “he said.” The schedule could not have been done any other way, but I do not like it. “However, now the important thing is to focus on the season ‘sprinting’ that is about to start. Although the Moto2 riders were able to compete in Qatar, it has hardly served to satisfy the desire to race and everyone is ready to go back to racing. “These last days take longer to pass, but I’m ready,” said Marini in this regard. «I trained very well in this break, without haste. I think I will get to the first race in excellent shape. I also worked with my team to prepare my races ». And although Luca Marini is looking forward to returning to the competition, he is not very happy with the schedule. I think it couldn’t have been done any other way, but I can’t say I like it. Especially since Mugello is not there. In addition, there will be two races in Aragon and Valencia, two tracks that few like. Even the double race does not convince me, but I understand that it is useful to increase the number of GPs and limit the trips, “said the pilot. As for the season he expects, he assures that” in the end we will tire less “, since the calendar takes only four months. “I don’t think the levels on the track will change, but you have to be careful. You have to take into account the risk of injury, fall as little as possible. Otherwise, you will throw away the championship, «said Marini. And he warns: «I think that from the first free practice session we will go to the pinion». Already FREE SUBSCRIBED to in the campaign? Well now leave YOUR OPINION below in the comments