London: from first to last city of the 10 most reserved, two Spanish

Under pressure from the travel sector, the UK government finally seems ready to announce ‘air corridors’ to popular European summer hotspots like France, Germany, Greece, Turkey and Italy, along with long-haul destinations like Barbados and Vietnam. This would allow airlines to open flights for reservations to Britons eager to escape during the summer. Meanwhile, Lisbon has risen to the top of the list of the most reserved European cities during the first half of June, very different from the ninth place in 2019. Portugal has been one of the first countries to establish greater hygiene and safety protocols. to receive tourists and has one of the best test rates to control transmission. According to ForwardKeys research, new tos tickets issued for future international travel to the European Union (EU) fell 84.4% in the first half of June compared to the same period in 2019, albeit recovering from the overall decline in 94.5% in May. Meanwhile, UK reserves plummeted a staggering 96.7% in the first half of June, almost unchanged from the 97.2% collapse in May. New flight bookings for all future international departures from the EU fell 80.2% in the first half of June 2020, compared to the same period in 2019, recovering from a sharp decline of 92.3% in May . In comparison, bookings from London only recovered to an annual decrease of 89.8% during the first half of June, compared to a punishing decrease of 94.0% in May. Gloria Guevara, WTTC President and CEO, said: “Travel restrictions and quarantines have continued to crush air travel and strangle demand for travel to and from London, causing it to drop to the end of the league by ten Most booked European cities based on latest flight bookings, however ForwardKeys analysis clearly shows that demand for flights to and from Europe has started to pick up, in part due to a relaxation of travel restrictions that has fueled the revival of the tourism sector. The implementation of global protocols, as well as testing and tracing contacts will restore consumer confidence and encourage the resumption of travel, with the WTTC in mind. “We believe that these measures will allow travelers to satisfy the enormous accumulated demand to travel once again and enjoy a much-needed summer vacation, while allowing the sector Travel and Tourism reopens for business, restoring the livelihoods of millions of people who depend on tourism. ” Olivier Jager, CEO of ForwardKeys, said: “It is alarming to see that London, which is the most popular capital of Europe to visit, falls from first place to tenth place in the ranking of the most reserved European cities during the first half of June. According to the WTTC 2020 Economic Impact Report, during 2019, tourism was responsible for one out of every 10 jobs (330 million in total), making a contribution of 10.3% to world GDP and generating one in four of all new jobs.