“It’s another”: Jorge Rial showed all his concern about the strange change in behavior of Diego Maradona – El Intransigente

The inmates in the Maradona clan continue on the surface. After Gianinna came out to rant against her dad’s environment, the gymnastics coach responded to her daughter with a strong video that she released in the press. After showing both positions in “Intruders”, the program’s host, Jorge Rial, showed all his concern about the changes he noticed in the star’s behavior. “There is a notable difference in this contesting Maradona. The Maradona protester from a few months ago, a few years ago, was a guy who came out with the end caps, who spoke long, talked about everyone and if he had to bitch, he bitched. He answered things. What I saw yesterday was a short comedy step. It is another Maradona ”, Jorge Rial began in“ Intruders ”, sowing the question about Diego’s health. Exclusive information | First in # Intruders # Maradona furious with his daughters and @FernandBurlando cc @Intruders @rialjorge pic.twitter.com/imjx47OMzZ— América TV (@AmericaTV) June 30, 2020 “Or is he calmer or is he calm? ? Or I don’t understand anything. This is not the Maradona we are used to. This is a lukewarm Diego… The Diego that I am seeing is another one ”, added the driver of“ Intruders ”, dismayed by the video that the Gymnastics technician had recorded against his daughters. Dalma and Gianinna’s concern is that they cannot communicate with their dad. The fight between Diego and Gianinna “I’m at the limit where I don’t want to expose my dad, because if I have to do it, I’m going to do it before a judge. And I am finding out how something can be done judicially, that something can be signed before so that if there is any issue in which they want to protect themselves economically … It is all from Morla if he wants it. What I want is for my dad to continue living, ”Gianinna had said a few days ago. “It has happened to me a lot of times pretending in a conversation as if I was understanding (what she says), and it turns out not. And on Sunday they passed me a message that I knew wasn’t from my dad. Can’t he speak but can write? ”Added Gianinna, questioning her father’s freedom. To which Diego finally replied: “Oh, I didn’t know he was in prison. I really didn’t know. Chachan, chachan! Look how imprisoned I am. This is from the cake that was made here, in this house. Prisoner, the balls ”, sentenced.