Havana or Paris: what is the capital of Argentine dreams

Between Paris and Havana, the Argentine rift widens with a new and absurd tweet debate: which exile is more patriotic? Cristina Kirchner’s or Mauricio Macri’s? As always, the symmetry between both sides is scary and funny, all at the same time. Last year, public opinion boiled over the constant departure of the opposition leader from the country. Half of the country claimed that Cristina was preparing to flee to Cuba in case of judicial complications, and the other half sympathized with her mother’s drama with a daughter hospitalized away from Commodore Py who made her ill. Now that the scene of power has turned, it’s up to the opposition leader to make the stinging getaway to Europe, in the midst of a judicial escalation that has her in her sights. And now it is the officers on duty who suspect that behind those trips a contingency plan is cooked in case the courts get too hot. Opposed by the vertex, the sides that daily discuss Argentina, without thinking seriously, were labeled with the rancid archetypes of the eternal and melancholic national exile. Cuba and France: the mecca of Bolivarian Latin Americanism on the one hand, and on the other side of the ocean, the chic dream of a cultured and powerful country fed by an elite that no longer lives up to its past. Cristina and Macri, so opposite and so similar, in their tactics and whims. Following the model of her predecessor, the former president transits her opposition role taking distance, erasing herself from the map while Argentina burns, but always reappearing so as not to lose influence and to block the birth of political successors. Quiet and annoying, playing the ghost: that’s how Cristina regained power, and that’s how Macri tries to win him back. For this shared strategy to work, it takes the complicity of millions of Argentines stunned by their prejudices and the inconsistency of a president whose only plan in sight was to put on the presidential gang to see how it feels to have arrived. That is why leaving the country is always in fashion, even when there are almost no planes available. You may also be interested in Image gallery