Gulliver on the set

THAT bipartisanship had many defects, no one doubts it, but at the time of the debates, its advantages over the current system were enormous. Clarity in messages, agile replies, fluidity. Two dialectical fighters on the ring fixing the attention of the public during the established thematic assaults. All that went down in history and there would be many people who would miss it when contemplating the strange spectacle that was given yesterday on Galician Television. Forces of very different representativeness engaged in various cross-debates that were seldom consistent. Sometimes it seemed that the interventions had been previously recorded and issued in a kind of collage. Perhaps it has gained pluralism but at the cost of wasting an essential electoral appointment, especially in such an atypical campaign. As usually happens, the favorite tried not to risk. It was unnecessary given the prevailing confusion. Feijóo was like Gulliver in Liliput. They all wanted to tie it with small ropes that some tightened on one side and others on the other. Shocking it turned out that the representative of Vox accused him of being a nationalist and an accomplice of the central government, while the PSdeG candidate was referring to the disloyalty of the leader of the popular Galicians with Sánchez and his collusion with the extreme right. That connection of Feijóo with the ultras, capital in Caballero’s pre-campaign, received a deadly thrust thanks to Abascal’s envoy, almost more aggressive with the PP than with the left. Not changing that part of the script was a mistake by the socialist, as well as setting himself up again as the Government’s consul in Galicia, something that detracted from his power in the debate. The desire to follow government guidelines was noted even in the treatment given to Citizens, in accordance with the honeymoon that Sánchez and Arrimadas live in national politics. The orange candidate, by the way, sometimes disputed the role of moderator with the official moderators of the debate. Beatriz Pino shows the television tables, although that does not prevent her candidacy from resembling the mission of the kamikazes at the end of the war. Ana Pontón showed off again. Theirs is an iron fist in a silk glove. She knew what she wanted, was clear about her goal, and did not scatter in skirmishes. He excelled among the Lilliputians because, unlike Caballero and Gómez-Reino, he did not have the burden of obedience due to Sanchez or Yolanda Díaz. She played as leader of the opposition, sacrificing even the aggressive edges of her nationalism, this time more penetrating than abertzale. Pancho Casal? Accidental candidate, she did what she could to maintain the flag of a brand that perhaps is living its last moments. The Gulliver on the set repeated the vicissitudes of the one created by Swift, who unleashes himself when he can, contemplates from his heights the internal wars of Liliput and returns as soon as possible to the home. It is more or less what Feijóo does after this strange debate that makes one long for the old days of bipartisanship. In short, there was a lot of noise and few nuts. Moderators deserve a medal and the viewer another.