Forty-four years of the Diaz-Flor Olympic silver in Montreal-76

The silver medal obtained by the K-4 at the Montreal’76 Games, the first of the 16 Olympic medals of Spanish canoeing, turned 44 this Friday, as recalled by the Spanish Federation. The ceutí José Ramón López Díaz-Flor was part of that boat. Herminio Menéndez, Luis Gregorio Ramos Misioné, the ceutí José Ramón López Díaz-Flor and José María Esteban Celorrio, the crew of that boat, predict that the Spanish Olympic harvest will increase with at least three other medals in Tokyo 2020. Spanish canoeing adds up 16 medals, and count the days to add one more before the next Olympic event is disputed, after the IOC announced the withdrawal of the silver to the Lithuanian Jevgenij Shunklin corresponding to London 2012, and ordered the International Canoeing Federation to modify the results in which the Balearic Sete Benavides, fourth classified, would access the bronze in C1 200 meters. In addition, the Sete medal will allow Spain to add 3 medals in a single day, taking the podium when the achievement of gold by the Basque Maialen Chourraut in K1 slalom in Rio 2016, the silver of the Catalan Saúl Craviotto, coincided on August 11. in K1 200 in London 2012 and the pending bronze of Sete in London 2012 in C1 200. With all the medalists alive, Spanish canoeing distributes podiums between men and women, by canoe and kayak, and in the two Olympic modalities: sprint and slalom. Canoeing has risen to the podium in seven Olympic Games and has been a medalist in the last four, with 3 podiums in London 2012 and 4 in Rio 2016. Now he faces Tokyo with Saúl Craviotto as the predictable standard bearer for the Spanish delegation, becoming the third paddler to enjoy that honor after Herminio Menéndez (Moscow’80) and David Cal (Peking ‘2008). López Díaz-FlorJosé Ramón López Díaz-Flor (Ceuta, November 22, 1950, winner of 1 Olympic medal (Montreal’76) and 6 in World Championships): “The key to our silver medal was in two things. First, in the ambition that the four of us had to be Olympic champions. Then, undoubtedly, the great work that was done, highlighting that of the coach, as well as the sense of sacrifice that we had. Without that ambition we would not have succeeded. The result of the Games was not a success for me, but rather a failure, because we were unique candidates to be the Olympic champions. “” I am sure, and I am quite clear, that we are going to take out three medals at the Tokyo Games . I wish there were more, but I’m only talking about sprinting, although I think that in slalom we also have a great team, “said the former canoeist from Ceuta.