Flights from the UK double their usual fares until the end of July

If there is something that worries the Ibiza tourism sector regarding the recovery of activity, it is the prices of airline tickets. Despite the fact that the borders are open, in the face of a global economic crisis, high rates could encourage many to look for a vacation close to home. Spain decided to open its borders with the United Kingdom, the main country that emits tourists to Ibiza, on July 21. The criterion was merely economic, given that the epidemiological situation is much worse than in the rest of the surrounding countries, around 1,000 infections per day compared to 250 in Germany, 300 in France or 200 in Italy on average in the last days. Despite this, the United Kingdom is not expected to eliminate the quarantine imposed on anyone who enters the country until next July 6, when it will allow its nationals to travel to some countries (including Spain) without restrictions. Despite the opening of borders and the elimination of restrictions, flight prices do not encourage visiting Ibiza, at least until the end of July. Faced with rates that did not usually exceed 100 pounds on average at this time, the prices of return tickets (round trip tickets) have doubled their price. It will be July 20 before the British find flights at the prices they were used to. The rates To begin with, the airline and marketer of tour packages Jet2 has prepared 6 routes with Ibiza from the United Kingdom (London, Belfast, Leeds, East Midlands, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester). On the 15th the first flight will depart from Manchester and Glasgow while the rest of the routes will take off on the 16th except Belfast, with very few flights scheduled at the moment, which will start on the 19th. Coming to Ibiza those first days with this company will be relatively expensive compared with other years, £ 205 (224 euros in exchange) on average leaving London between 16 and 20 and returning the following week. Round-trip flight from Leeds costs £ 193 on average, £ 213 from Manchester and £ 177 on average from Glasgow. As for Ryanair, it operates 23 routes with Ibiza from European cities, of which eight are from the United Kingdom. From the British capital, the flights sold by the Irish low cost do not drop below 300 pounds during the first half of July. Until July 17 it is not possible to get a flight below 200 pounds, since the one-way flight from London simply exceeds that price. Other cities of origin have more reasonable prices although less frequencies. This is the case of Liverpool or Bristol with flights on Mondays and Fridays and prices that are around 75 pounds. Please note that Ryanair fares do not include any package on board. Carrying a suitcase costs £ 48 more round trip. Easyjet will resume its operations with the United Kingdom in the second half of July from Belfast, Bristol and London. Your flights from Gatwick Airport on July 15 to 19, 21 and 22 are already sold out on their website. The Swiss airline offers prices of around £ 100 on a round-trip basis. As for the wholesaler TUI, it will resume its operations with Ibiza from London Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester on the 11th. Their flights exceed £ 210 round trip. From Brimingham and Manchester it exceeds £ 300.