Edinson Cavani, an eternal idol for the Parc des Princes de Paris

Edinson Cavani will remain for a long time the best scorer of PSG, in front of superstars Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Neymar or Kylian Mbappé: in the absence of an announcement of a contract extension, the Uruguayan seems to be heading towards an exit from Paris, where he leaves Some conquered fans, despite the fact that the team has not yet achieved the dream Champions League title.The end of their adventure, precipitated by the coronavirus and the suspension of competitions, was not what their thousands of fans dreamed of, but without detracting from ‘Ney’, ‘Kyky’ or Captain Thiago Silva, the right eye of the Parisian fans will continue to be ‘Edi’. Despite being substitute for the Argentine Mauro Icardi in the last season, the scene was always repeated when he entered the field: screams of “Cavani, Cavani!” in the stands of the Parc des Princes, before singing a chant in honor of his scorer. Last episode of his love story with Paris? His 200th goal scored in February against Bordeaux (4-3) against the fervor of the Parisian public, which established him as the best scorer in the history of the club, well ahead of the Swedish Ibrahimovic (156). “It is a very special moment for me. I thank you for the affection, the love you give me, in difficult moments, in happy moments, “said the 33-year-old ‘Matador’ that night, in which he received a tribute from the club, his teammates and the fans, who gave him a special trophy, a ceremony that had airs of goodbye before time …- From clumsy to ‘Matador’ -How to explain this idyll? “When the Ultras return to the Park in 2016 (after six years of absence), Zlatan Ibrahimovic is no longer there and the fittest man was Cavani. He also has that humble, accessible side, which creates a true communion,” he explains to the AFP Philippe Goguet, founder of the site ‘Culture PSG’, an extreme passion that led to one of the biggest controversies since Neymar’s star arrival in mid-2017: the ‘penaltygate’ (both were discussed for throwing a maximum penalty) against Lyon in September 2017, which took the Brazilian a while to digest, however, when Cavani arrived in 2013 for a sum of EUR 63.5 M, preceded by a great reputation in Naples, the Uruguayan must face the Imposing shadow of Ibrahimovic, the indisputable star of the Qatari project.Exiled to the left flank of the attack to leave all the light to ‘Ibra’, the Charrúa does not protest, but his technical shortcomings are more evident, which he compensates with his great defensive work and a nose scorer out of the ordinary. The Parisian ‘Matador’ is born.- Hunting, fishing, nature -From Laurent Blanc to Thomas Tuchel, all his trainers have praised his commitment, calling him “super professional”. Even his delays in joining after spending the Christmas holidays in Uruguay they forget quickly. Like the repeated failures in the Champions League, the only trophy he has failed to win in his Parisian stay. Discreet in his private life, Cavani looks like a UFO in the ‘football-business’ galaxy, where the number of’ Followers’ on social media has become as important as individual statistics. Far from the lavish parties of Neymar or other fellow Latinos, ‘Edi’ prefers to spend his free time on a lake fishing, whether in Rambouillet or in Salto, his hometown, to “unload the pressure”. An ‘anti-system’ image that he cultivates himself when on a tour with the Parisian club in China last summer, he ‘escaped’ for an impromptu day of fishing. ” fishing, is what I like the most! “, he admitted on the PSG website. “Fishing is like soccer. You have to wait for the good moment, the right moment … like a scorer!” For the Uruguayan, it seems that the time has come to leave PSG, since his contract ends this 30th June and there doesn’t seem to be an agreement to extend it until the season ends. Maybe he will cross paths with PSG on the continental scene again in the future, as a scorer for some other great European club, where he could sign his last great contract. Yk / ama / jed / gf / mcd / dr “Rebuild better, rebuild greener, rebuild faster, “promised Prime Minister Boris Johnson, presenting the package seeking to emerge from the crisis caused by the pandemic” Rebuild better, rebuild greener, rebuild faster, “promised the first Minister, Boris Johnson, when presenting the package with the aim of getting out of the crisis caused by the pandemic. Among his demands are 15% commission, security filters, revision of the terms and conditions, clear and fair rates, enrollment in social security, as well as a minimum fee of 35 pesos. Among its demands, the 15% commission, security filters, review of the terms and conditions, clear and fair rates, enrollment in social security, as well as the minimum fee of 35 pesos are highlighted MORE NEWS