Dip. Matta: It would not be strange if the regime provides I / O to Iran as a form of payment – Noticiero Digital

The president of the Energy and Petroleum Commission of the AN, Elías Matta, condemned this Monday the “abrupt way” with which the Government of Nicolás Maduro ended the contracts with various I / O in Caracas and the interior. “Again they lash out at private industry,” he said. The deputy (UNT – Zulia) stated that the “regime” is covered, to justify these renditions of contracts, in the famous emergency decree that already has 26 extensions, “This is something totally unconstitutional, which has also been denied by the Assembly National since 2016 ”, pointed out the Zulian deputy. He stressed that the most unusual thing in this matter is that the Supreme Court of Justice, which “only serves the regime”, approves this illegality of extending “almost infinitely” this decree, which in his opinion has no validity. He maintained that these actions have become daily because it is their characteristic “not to respect the rule of law and the guarantee of legal security established by the Constitution. These businessmen had more than 30 years managing these service stations, one generation after another providing the service to Venezuelans and now they are taking them away with one stroke. ” “Definitely the socialism of the 21st century fits the whole saying ‘old cry does not learn to speak’, because ultimately they have never believed, nor do they believe in the national private company. These 20 years of the regime are full of destruction of private business. They started with the expropriations of the farms from the producers and today these lands are alone and abandoned. ” He also recalled that the “regime” nationalized the basic companies of Guyana and “they are a disaster; They expropriated and nationalized all the companies that served PDVSA on the eastern shore of the lake and in the eastern part of the country, and are now a spoil of abandoned, destroyed, and left to the goodness of God companies. ” He said that it is not surprising that all this maneuvering of the “regime” responds to a negotiation that they have planned with the Iranians to cancel the possible recovery of the refineries and to give them in conception the gasoline service stations. “They are good at destroying everything that the businessman, especially the national one, manages to build. What the regime likes is doing business with Russian, Chinese and now Iranian foreign businessmen, ”Matta said. Lastly, he affirmed that the “regime” does not respect the rule of law or the laws of the Republic for these unconstitutional actions, “frightening investors. “No one wants to risk their money in a country where there is no clarity or legal certainty.” It should be noted that the PDVSA National Market Management delivered a letter to the shippers of the service stations, informing them that the contract was unilaterally terminated without the state company taking responsibility for damages of any kind and that they had 72 hours to vacate the station.