Cósima Ramírez: “My parents are both equally intense”

Cósima Ramírez is a woman who does not stop for a moment and a great reference for many young women due to her entrepreneurial character. The same goes to the world of design accompanying his mother, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, as she suddenly changes registration, and after the summer, she goes to London to study literature. “I’m going to go to a university where Virginia Wolf’s cycle was, one of my favorite writers and a feminist example.” This was stated in the presentation of the new book by the Inspiring Stories Foundation, in collaboration with Evax, in which she has served as godmother. The pandemic caught Cósima with a friend in Mallorca. “Inside the bad, I was very lucky because my mother has a house there. One of the positive things that I have taken from this situation that caught us all by surprise is that I have learned to cook. Despite living alone in the USA,. I didn’t even know how to make myself a toast, I only ate chips there, “she said with a laugh. As she herself related, she is very excited about her new project. “Confinement has been great for me, I needed this break to do a little reflection on our life habits.” Aside from what she is going to study in London, her summer plan will be to go to Paris to work and study a cooking course. “I have always had many ambitions, and they laughed at home. First I wanted to be a ballet dancer, after flamenco, politics, writer, journalist of course, and now with the course in London my father is delighted”. So she told it. Cósima and Carlos Pérez Gimeno | Archivo Cósima thinks that having been separated from her parents all this time has served her well. “It has been a positive experience, they are both equally intense, but I am lucky to be able to consult everything with them, and that is a privilege.” Now that she is going to enter the world of literature, she was asked if she would dare to write a biography of her mother. “It is something that she is very excited to promote. It is an interesting subject, it will be seen.” When asked about her mother’s new boyfriend, Luís Gasset, she has more than enough approval. “My mother is excited. I have already met him, and he is wonderful, very polite. I was surprised that he met someone in these difficult times, but it was also fun to discover my mother from another perspective. Before, he went to bed at 8 at night, in summer it was daylight, and now he doesn’t stop at home, he goes out non-stop and goes on a spree. ” Of Luis Miguel Rodríguez, the previous one, said that it was funny, but that the current one was much cuter. “It beats him much more, my mother is very flirtatious and she likes to be listened to. She is a woman full of contradictions, the same is punk as a marquise. And that is her grace. She does not like the King emeritus, everything contrary to Don Felipe. “He is doing very well. The responsibility of a monarch has to be superhuman to exercise it with dignity, and if it is done well, it has justification, if not, justification is not possible. I think that politically we are wrong and this government is not doing anything right, Spain is one of the countries that has had the worst moment, and it cannot be. We have to use technology, thousands of things that there are to take this situation a little in a civilized way, instead of limiting. “I think that at the moment, the most important thing to defend is individual human rights, which really are closely related to everyone’s health, that is why we must focus and also reconcile because we are radicalized in almost everything, and what It is important to reach agreements that are mainly led by medical experts.Everyone thinks the same, but politicians are distracted, their fights are far from what their work really is.