Boosting children’s physical activity in school

A new online platform featuring inspiring videos and resources for schools will launch today, Wednesday 23 September to mark National Fitness Day, helping pupils stay active and healthy during the school day. With 99.9% of … .

Many new takers for yoga classes

With about 4,000 Covid-19 positive cases reported every day in Bengaluru, the fear of the pandemic is high. Yoga, like immunity-boosting foods, has found new fans. From politicians to actors, many are advocating the meditative practice. … .

New forest-inspired yoga in Whitecroft

Photo supplied Holding your stance steady, you focus on controlling your breath. In and out. Fresh forest air fills your lungs, to the sounds of birdsong, the rustle of trees overhead and a cascading creek … .

Art Of Rally Turns Driving Into Meditation

Art of Rally is what happens when you take driving—usually depicted in video games as a very loud and busy thing—and strip it back to everything except its most beautiful basics.An incredibly minimalist effort from … .