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Stop banning so much, because I can no longer disobey everything. Anonymous We are a very strange country. A friend shows me a tube, this tube that my friend shows me is very thin, it reminds me of the small test tubes that accompanied the chemistry game My Joy in the seventies of the 20th century. It brings something inside the reference tube: they are leaves that, with the good eye of a cubero, must make up a total weight that perhaps equals about eight or ten grams. Eight or ten grams of marijuana leaves that, if we plan very fixedly, very knowledgeable, look unusually clean – to live in a country where one, as a consumer, is more than used to those leaves, illegal in all its forms and distribution processes, always come flattened and dirty – and they also smell very good – to live in a country in which one, as a consumer, is also more than used to the illegal speck that is obtained Many times it smells suspiciously of something that could well be a cheap insecticide or an accelerator fertilizer that is not very good for the environment. In short: that small glass tube that is used, sealed with a tiny cork lid, to carry around eight or ten grams of speck that genuinely does seem to be “good”, also boasts an unusual detail: it carries a label, a characteristic Completely strange in a country where those sheets usually come to life wrapped in newspaper or old magazine pages. If we attend with all reading precision to the label that carries the by now famous tube, we find a series of phrases that in this country without regulation, disconcert: “Ingredients: individual seed plants of Guerrero / Without pesticides / Oxygenated food / Manual pruning / Flowering with 1000 watt spotlights / Only flower / Cured for 3 days / Free of cartel and organized crime / 100% Made in Mexico ”. That tube that my friend has shown me brings within a world that does not completely fit in with the illegal reality that marijuana still lives in this country. But nevertheless, it exists. While cannabis regulation is still pending in the Mexican Congress, dozens (or perhaps hundreds? Possibly thousands?) Of groups have organized and distribute their products – genuinely “high quality” – among selected groups of customers who, chosen carefully and above all with discretion, they have long received the amount of speck they want to pay, directly on the doorstep of their home, without risking dealing with organized crime in the first place, and with the confidence that what they are going to smoke (or eat, suck, and even melt) has quality standards that are difficult to achieve in a country that still considers cannabis an illegal substance. Ensuring that the product one receives is “free of cartel and organized crime” -beyond the fact that this, painfully, is true or false- constitutes the best commercial strategy to ensure the sale. While the cart takes flight on the road, the horses are still arguing whether it will be convenient to lead their march or not. We are a very strange country. @elimonpartido What we do at Animal Político requires professional journalists, teamwork, maintaining dialogue with readers and something very important: independence. You can help us continue. Be part of the team. Subscribe to Animal Político, receive benefits and support free journalism. # YoSoyAnimal