Camilla sets the example by visiting the National Gallery of London with beautiful face masks

Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker was photographed speaking to staff at a Boots branch in central London wearing a blue floral face mask. During her visit to the Boots store, royal admirers were quick to point out the duchess’s mask, and one described her as “charming.” One fan said, “It was lovely to see the duchess’s modeling mask wearing!” Another added: “I love your Duchess of Cornwall mask.” A third party complemented the Duchess in her work and said, “Fantastic project. The Duchess’s work against domestic and gender violence is groundbreaking. Well done, Duchess, already everyone involved for lighting up and making a real difference. “On her visit to the Boots store, Camilla thanked employees for their work during COVID-19The royal family said on Instagram that the Duchess of Cornwall was in central London today thanking @bootsuk staff for their work during the coronavirus outbreak. In addition to continuing to support patients and clients with essential pharmacy services, Boots installed and ran the first COVID-19 test station for workers on the NHS in just 5 days. In partnership with @hestia_charity, Boots also offers victims of domestic abuse access to specialized assistance and counseling within the safe space of a consulting room. The chain of pharmacies and beauty centers launched a ‘safe space’ initiative during the pandemic, in which victims of domestic abuse could use Boots’ consultation rooms to contact specialized services for support. The Duchess of Cornwall She is also active in this regard, this year assuming sponsorship of the domestic abuse charity SafeLives. In addition to her visit to the Boots branch, the Duchess visited the National Gallery the same day. There, she met the gallery staff who were involved. in its reopening after 111 days of closure due to the blockage of the coronavirus. Reopening on July 8, it became the first in Britain to reopen its doors. In addition to the staff, the Duchess of Cornwall was introduced to the gallery director, Dr. Gabriele Finaldi, and its president, Lord Hall. They then toured the museum, looking at places like the recently restored Equestrian Portrait of Charles I by Van Dyck. They also showed her Room 32, the largest in the gallery showing various 17th century Italian paintings. Dr. Finaldi said they were very pleased to welcome Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall to the Gallery and to show her how they were welcoming visitors in a socially safe environment away from COVID. She also expressed her appreciation to the staff who have worked hard to reopen the Gallery and allow the nation to enjoy their images once again after three and a half months of closure. The Prince of Wales has links to the National Gallery as it has been its sponsor since 2017. The museum recently increased its opening hours to 6pm to gradually increase the number of visitors allowed. Currently all visitors have to reserve tickets for the gallery in advance. Don’t miss our Facebook page !! © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED