An Iron Gate nurse, from Meer: “You haven’t given him a stone”

Voices criticizing the medical report published by Vox deputy Rocío de Meer increase by seconds. There are many health professionals who, at best, describe as “strange” the document provided by the parliamentarian with which he tries to silence the criticism of those who doubt that he received a stone in the eyebrow last Friday in the Basque Country. MONCLOA.COM has contacted an Emergency nurse at the Puerta de Hierro hospital in Madrid who is used to dealing with this type of injury to analyze said medical report. And according to this professional, who prefers to remain anonymous, “that wound is not caused by a stone thrown at a distance the size of an egg.” Vox has raised the tone against those who doubt the veracity of the attack on Deputy Rocío. from Meer. Last Friday, the parliamentarian of the extreme right-wing group received a stone in the eyebrow in the Basque town of Sestao at the hands of far-left protesters, according to the training led by Santiago Abascal. However, there were many, from politicians to health professionals, who questioned whether the events occurred as described by Vox. Some, such as the spokesman for Unidas Podemos in Congress, Pablo Echenique, assured that members of the party of Abascal had used “ketchup” to simulate blood from a wound that was not caused by a stone. And others directly claimed that it was a circus set up by Abascal to victimize himself. To quell criticism, de Meer has released the assault medical report. However, doubts have returned to planning on Vox, since many question that report, including the nurse who has spoken with this medium. Despite the fact that she did not want to go to the doctor because of her bravery … we were able to convince her today .Here the medical part: Incised wound and TBI (traumatic brain injury)— Santiago Abascal 🇪🇸 (@Santi_ABASCAL) June 28, 2020The first thing that has caught the attention of this nurse is the “clinical impression” section , where it is clarified that de Meer suffers from a “supraorbital incised wound”, a “light traumatic brain injury” and a “tension headache”. For this professional, the fact that the concept of “printing” has been used is strange. “I do not think it is false, but he did not want to put a diagnosis so as not to catch his fingers,” he says. It must be said that this professional does not question the veracity of the report, but she does point out that she sees it, at least, strange, where this nurse is convinced is when it comes to ensuring that this wound is not made by a stone. “I’m sure that wound is not from a stone. I think he has a small wound, but a stone has not given him that for sure, “says the nurse. “A stone thrown at a distance has not been done because it does not have inflammation or bruising in such a delicate area as the periphery of the eye,” she insists. The nurse does not want to question the report more than necessary because, she insists, she does not fully know the facts, but she is used to seeing all kinds of injuries in the ER. And when an egg-sized stone hits you a considerable distance, the results are different from what you see in the photo. What’s more, this professional even questions the blood seen in the images, since she says she is not convinced that it is real blood, however, the nurse is convinced of the veracity of the report. “It is not difficult to get a medical report. It is true that the part is expressed very rare, but it is not difficult to obtain. Doctors generally do not question what they are told, “he says. Still, the health professional points out some details that seem strange to her. “It is rare that the font changes and even that it was done days later in Logroño,” she says. But it is a matter in which she does not want to delve deeper, but after turning the report and the images of the attack, the conclusion of this nurse is identical. “She has not been given an egg-sized stone, that for sure,” she insists. “And besides, it seems to me that going to the emergency room for a minor injury two days ago is not taking care of public resources,” she concludes.